What is Urban Ergonomics?

Urban Ergonomics is the shaping, sizing and grouping of buildings to enhance human interactions and optimize energy use. 

Modern cities have too many unused spaces and resources; while suburban planning produces a disconnect between homes and activities, a dependency on cars, and a hidden sense of isolation. Our primary purpose is to create a sociable, beautiful and green urbanism by combining durable buildings with a comfortable density, which we feel results in a harmonious living environment. 

A carefully designed urban environment can create a sense of shared ownership and smaller per-person footprints leading to healthier, more active lifestyles and a reduced environmental impact. 

The city of Charleston, South Carolina has been the focus of our work, as well as one of our greatest inspirations since we first began acquiring vacant properties to create new residential settings years ago.

To learn more about our recent project Catfiddle Street, click here.


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